Back to tiny house living

LOCATION:  Mission, Texas – in our tiny house in our Retama Village community
WEATHER:  Cool (70) in AM, warming to 85

Poor George – he had to pick me up at the airport at 12:30 early this AM, and then take our neighbors to the airport at 4:00 AM!  I blissfully slept through that.  My body is still on Puerto Rico time.

We are pet-sitting for those same neighbors for a week.  We are caring for their blind poodle that they adopted recently from a pet shelter.  The dog, Bella, is really cute.  When walking her, I have to pay attention so that she doesn’t run in to things.  ;-(

Whenever we pet-sit, George grumbles about the pets, but they gravitate toward him.  As with Bella, they end up in his lap…

After a nice walk, she was quite tuckered out and rested…

Meanwhile, I created to-do lists, menus, and grocery lists, and started populating a 2022 calendar.    Lots to do this week, but I keep reminding myself that there is no urgency (other than groceries) for all the things I need/want to do.

While I am in Retama, I attend line-dancing classes quite faithfully.  They are a good exercise – for the body and brain.  The teacher will be gone for a week, and asked me to substitute teach for her.  So, today we got together to train me.  I am quite nervous as I am rusty, having not danced in about a year. 

DINNER:  While I was gone, George  had gone fishing in South Padre Island nearby.  While he was there, he bought some really nice shrimp from one of shrimp distributors there.  He said he was in the mood for pasta, so I sauteed up some shrimp with onions and garlic, made a cream sauce with some leftover blue cheese, and served it over thin spaghetti.  Side was steamed peas. 

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