Adios, Puerto Rico!

LOCATION:  Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Hot during the day;  Pleasant (65) at night

Alexis and I enjoyed the remaining hours of our mother/daughter holiday in Puerto Rico.  We lounged on the hammock at our AirB&B.

We went in search of brunch and ended up in a little restaurant frequented by locals.  Alexis had a Puerto Rican sweet bread…like a flat brioche with powdered sugar…

We split another local favorite – a beans and rice mix.  It reminds me of what we call Spanish rice.

We said good-bye to our nice AirB&B

Then off to the airport.  It is a good thing we arrived with plenty of time as there were long lines at Security.  Once through Security, Alexis put on her winter clothes and we relaxed with a final Puerto Rican cocktail..

Our flights took off within 20 minutes of each other – 4:50 and 5:10.  My flight to Houston was a long one – 4.5 hours.  She flew direct on Sun Country back to Minneapolis.

They announced that my flight from Houston to McAllen was overbooked and asked for a volunteer to be bumped.  I raised my hand – I would get an overnight stay with food vouchers and $500.  It would work out well, as George would not have to drive to McAllen airport so late.  Long story short – they ended up not needing me to be bumped, so I got on the flight.

As we were getting ready to taxi, the plane stopped and they announced that there was a medical emergency onboard.  We returned to the gate to offload the ill passenger and her family.   It took some time for the airline to retrieve their bags.  The other passengers were not happy!  We ended up in McAllen about 12:30 AM.  (2:30 AM my body time).  Long day!

BOOK:  “Sunday Philosophy Club” by Alistar McCall Smith.  I started and finished this book while traveling today.  It is part of the series about a philosopher from Edinburg, Scotland.  I just love this author, and it is great for light reading, which I needed on the plane.  5 stars out of 5

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