To the beach!

LOCATION:  San Jua, Puerto Rico
WEATHER:  High 88.  They say that the weather here is almost the same every day of the year!

We started the day with a great breakfast – avocado toast for Alexis and salmon/goat cheese toast for me.  I want to make this one day.

We discovered a “secret” walkway from our apartment to the beach.  We hadn’t realized how close we are.  We walked along the beach, and had it mostly to ourselves.

This graffiti is cute, but we are not homesick!  (Especially Alexis is not missing the Minnesota cold and snow!)

The “national” beer of Puerto Rico is Medalla – similar to BudLite. Not to my liking! We were happy to find a store with some great local craft beers…

Later in the day, we decided to finish off our week here by watching the sun set over the city at a posh rooftop bar.  It was a 2-mile walk.  By the time we walked back, we had accumulated 21,000+ steps for the day!

We finished off the evening with a light dinner at a seafood restaurant we like near our place.  Alexis had arepas made with grilled shrimp.  Being a Friday night, the place was packed. 

The streets were overflowing with people having a good start of the weekend. 

BOOK:  “Last Garden in England” by Julia Kelly.  This is a delightful book centered around a garden during 3 different time periods – the original creation in early 1900s, during WWII, and now.  5 stars out of 5

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