Snorkeling excursion!

LOCATION:  San Juan, Puerto Rico
WEATHER:  Spotty rain.  High 84

Today was a big splurge day – snorkeling on an island from a catamaran boat.  I was on my own for the day.

After catching the shuttle service at a nearby hotel pick-up, we drove about an hour to the NE corner of the island, near Fajardo.  The marina is huge.  About 30 of us hopped on to the catamaran, where we would spend the day.

The young crew was so friendly and fun.  Normally the trip is to the island of Culebra, but since it has been windy, it was too choppy (and dangerous) to travel that far over open waters.  So, we went to a different island where it was more protected.  We all jumped off and swam to the tropical island.

I was a bit surprised that several of the people could not swim…..why go on a snorkeling trip if one cannot swim???  In those cases, the crew helped folks get ashore.  I took off on my own, with my snorkeling gear, looking for fish. 

At our second stop, in deeper water, not too many people jumped in.  The current was fairly strong.  I was the first one out of the gate!  This location was around a reef and we swam around the coral.  I spotted lots of pretty fish, a stingray, and wispy fan coral.  Another snorkeler reported seeing a blowfish and a baracuda.  I swam for about 4 hours, never tiring.  I could do this all day!!!  I wore a long-sleeved shirt over my swimsuit so I would get sunburned on my back….(the voice of experience from previous long snorkeling days). 

The crew provided an open bar, sack lunches, and an afternoon fruit bar.  All very nice.  On the way home, the bus was strangely quiet….I think everyone was sleeping!

After a refreshing shower, Alexis and I walked to our favorite nearby pizza place for a platter of bruschetta.  Yummy!

Then, we went to her favorite bar/restaurant where she had the bartender make her whatever drink  he recommended.  I don’t know what this was, but it included a tasty mescal.  They use a lot of dehydrated fruit slices in their cocktails here.  This one was quite tasty and very pretty.

We shared a platter of gnocchi and chatted with the darling bartender.  An early night for me!

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