Enjoying more of Puerto Rico

LOCATION:  San Juan, Puerto Rico
WEATHER:  Another warm one.  High 85

We went in search of a beach bar for lunch.  The one we found (that looked good online) required a minimum of $30 per person!  I think it was a way to reserve a place on the beach for a stay.  Kite-surfing was popular there.  Needless to say, we didn’t stay there.  Instead, we found a great local seafood restaurant and shared an order of grouper ceviche. Instead of crackers, it was served with baked plantain slices. Yes!

I found some random photos of us goofing around San Juan….

In the evening, we went to a great Argentine restaurant just a block from our AirB&B.  We shared an order of caprese salad – just yummy!

Then, to the sister restaurant which is more Puerto Rican.  We sat at the bar and the bartender made us some interesting drinks.  This has been one of the fun things in Puerto Rico – trying very unique cocktails.  For our main course, we had a veggie empanada and a salad. 

I couldn’t sleep at all – these tiny frogs kept me up all night with their songs.  Must be mating season!

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