Road trip to the beach

LOCATION:  San Juan, Puerto Rico
WEATHER:  A bit hotter.  High 88.  Humid

We got up early to see the sunrise and took a stroll on the waterfront, before it got too hot.   There is a big cruise ship docked in the harbor.

Then, off to brunch/breakfast in a very nice, European-looking restaurant.  It advertised Puerto Rican and international cuisine.  The girls tried mofongo, a typical Puerto Rico dish.  It is made with plantains and yucca.

Then – road trip!  Melissa drove us to a beach in the northeast part of the island,  I’m glad she, and not I, was driving!

For some reason, there was a fence to get onto the beach.  We found a hole, and climbed through!

Being near the rain forest, it rained on and off while we were at the beach.  Who cares?

After swimming, we had another Puerto Rican specialty at a beach bar.  It is a kind of combined beans and rice.  It reminds me of a vegetarian paella

Back to our AirB&B to get cleaned up – You can see our steep, cobble-stoned lane

We went to check out a few more bars here in Old Town.  This first one was full of character and seemed ancient.  It was called El Cubanito and had a Cuban flare.  The tattoo-covered bartender made us some very interesting drinks. 

We stumbled upon an elegant piano bar/restaurant.  We sat at the bar and watched the pet parrot entertain the customers. The parrot likes his owner, the guitar player.

I called it a night and came back to the room to watch Rick Steves Monday Night Travel.  The topic was traveling in Europe during the pandemic. Europe seems similar to Puerto Rico – we had to enter our data and upload copies of our Covid vaccine record before entering the country.  Many bars/restaurants here require proof of vaccine before entering.  Rick says that it is required everywhere in Europe. 

While I was watching Rick, the girls hung out at a bar around the corner where they have made friends with the wait-staff. 

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