Day #214 – Wild life on the Cabot Trail!

LOCATION:  Cheticamp, Nova Scotia in NW Cape Breton
CAMPGROUND:  Cheticamp Campground, part of the Cape Breton Highlands National Park.
WEATHER:  COLD.  High 56.  Mostly sunny

Today was full of wildlife (sort of)….

1.  When I went to the bathroom this morning, I walked in and saw a person with a ski cap on with long hair.  I moved toward the sink, then saw the urinal, locked eyes with the person….a guy. I was in the MEN’S Room!!!  I sort of screamed and ran out the door.

Then, we were off for another road trip along the Cabot Trail.  The colors are really starting to pop.

Our first stop was at a park with a thatched roof cabin that memorializes the Scottish shepherds that settled here. 

Behind the cabin was a beautiful forest full of Nova Scotia’s oldest maple trees.

Next stop was a park with a John Cabot memorial.  He was the first to discover North America and landed here, on Cape Breton.

On to a cute fishing village.  I can’t imagine what it is like living in such a remote place.

Mostly the people are lobster fishermen.  The season is July and August, but they work hard year-round working on their boats, nets, and cages.

We got off the trail and took a gravel road to Meat Cove, which is literally the end of the road.

We had a little picnic lunch with beautiful scenery as a backdrop.

Back on the Cabot Trail, we continued our clockwise trip around the peninsula.

We were really in search of moose, and observed several moose signs along the highway. 

Wildlife #2 – Suddenly, we turned a corner and there was a huge black animal along the road.  As we fumbled for our cameras, we were shouting “moose!  moose!”  Much to our chagrin, we finally realized that it was just a horse.

Wildlife #3 – A few miles down the road we saw a medium-sized black bear moseying along.  By the time we found our cameras, he was gone. (No photo available)  😦

George and I drove the Cabot Trail on our first year on the road -8 years ago.  It was a quick run around the peninsula.  We vividly remember our night here……we were totally out of gas, starving, and in search of a campground.  This part of the Trail is very remote.  Suddenly, through the fog I saw a billboard saying….”Campground with Oyster Bar.  Gas”.  It was like Mecca!  We couldn’t believe our luck!  So, today we stopped by the campground to show Tony and Jenny the campground, and to have some of their delicious oysters again.

Back at the campground, we sat around one of George’s campfires and enjoyed our Sunday afternoon ritual – a Bloody Mary.  But this time, we had Canada’s national drink  – Caesar’s instead.  It is like a Bloody Mary, but with Clamato juice rather than tomato juice.

DINNER:  My turn.  Pasta in a cream sauce with shrimp, smoked salmon, and capers.  Side was edamame with bacon bits. 

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