Day #211 – Traveling Canada’s “Music Coast”

LOCATION:  Whycocomagh, Nova Scotia – in West Central part of Cape Breton
CAMPGROUND:  Whycocomagh Provincial Park. 
WEATHER:  Crisp and  sunny.  High 68

Jenny and I did our morning constitutional, this time hiking in the picnic park associated with the provincial park where we are camping.  We hiked down to the Bras d’Or Lake where we watched some old guys fly-fishing.  Nice.

Then, off on today’s road trip.  When we leave here tomorrow, we will be in remote country without any decent grocery stores.  So, we went in to Port Hawksbury, a fairly large town, to do some major shopping.  It will need to get us through the next 6 days, including a special feast we are preparing together on October 11, Canada’s Thanksgiving.

We followed Canada’s Music Coast back north, making another loop.  We stopped in Judique, a Celtic coastal town, where we visited the Celtic Music Interpretive Centre.  We were lucky to arrive while a duo was singing and playing Celtic music.

Our receipt for our drinks was in 3 languages – English, Gaelic, and French…..only in Canada!  I love it!

The trees are turning a bit more each day.  We have watched this tree in our campground get prettier each day that we have been here.

DINNER:  Tony’s turn.  George made a good campfire and we roasted hot dogs in the fire.  Tony served them topped with chili.  Since we were eating before sunset, we were able to enjoy it all around the fire.  As soon as the sun set, we all headed inside.

The Canadian Legion near our campground was having a jam fest tonight, so George and I went to check it out.  What fun!  It was a circle of about 6 musicians, taking turns singing.    When each musician started, he/she would say “Key of G (or whatever)” and the other musicians would accompany the singer on their guitars.    Some were a bit off-key; others were excellent.  The crowd was a mix of old and young people from the area.  Ladies in the kitchen served tea and homemade cookies.  It was really sweet!

BOOK:  “The Dragon Head of Hong Kong” by Ian Hamilton.  This is a new author/series for me, recommended by our friends Tony and Jenny.  It features a Chinese/Canadian forensic accountant.  Quite good.  I will read more in this series.  4 stars out of 5

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