Day #201 – Competing for the “Worst Road in Canada!”

LOCATION:  St. Peter’s, Nova Scotia- SW part of Cape Breton
CAMPGROUND:  Battery Provincial Park
WEATHER:  Cool, mostly sunny,  High 68

It rained and howled all night, but the sun came out this morning.  We took our morning walk, sticking to the roads as the paths were muddy. 

Then, off for an afternoon drive around the area.   The road started as a bumpy pavement, with patches on top of patches.  We followed the coast, stopping several times for Tony and George to fish.  (No luck, again). 

At the halfway point, we looked at the map to see how to return.  We really didn’t want to retrace our steps, so decided to take a gravel road.  It was on the paper map as well as the Garmin. Can’t be too bad, right?


It started as a regular gravel road.  Then, the gravel ended and it turned  into a rocky cow path (which is a compliment).  We had about 10 miles on this “path”  and there was no place to turn around.

Impossibly, it just got worse and worse.  Grass was growing up in the middle and there were huge rocks in the lane that we had to avoid as to not cause damage to the things under the car.  Since it had rained last night, there were huge puddles to cross.

We kept saying that it will get better, but it did not.

This road competes with one other Canada road we were on a few years ago with my aunt and uncle.  We had driven to the area where my uncle and mother had grown up.  We were trying to find their old house.  It was down a dirt lane.  Again, it had just rained and the lane was about 1 foot high in mud.  Too late, we realized that there was no place to turn around.  So, we had to back up about 3 miles, with mud up to the top of the tires. We kept getting stuck and had to rock the car back and forth, until we could move again.   It might have been worse than today’s path, but it was only 3 miles, whereas today’s just went on and on. 

It became more narrow, and the bushes were making horrible scraping sounds on the sides of the car as we drove through them.  Tony, our driver today, did a bang-up job, and we have to thank  Sully, the Honda, for a job well-done. This is the view from the back seat showing the “jungle” around us

After about an hour on this path, we arrived at a logging camp.  Whew!  We were so afraid that we were going to end up with some barrier, like a tree across the road or a river without a bridge.  Jenny and I were secretly thinking to ourselves that in worse case scenario, we could walk the remaining 5 miles to a house to get help.  From the logging camp, it was much better.  We survived!!!

We checked out this Pioneer Cemetery to recuperate.  They are the graves of the original Scottish settlers from the island of Harris (as in tweed) with names like McMillen, McFarlan, and Ferguson.  Deaths were in the early 1800s. 

Back at the campground, we rested.  George made a fire and we sat around it, talking about our day’s adventures.

DINNER:  My turn.  Fried rice with chunks of grilled chicken and pork, seasoned with onion, garlic, ginger, and soy sauce.  Side was Asian vegetables. 

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