Day #127 — Day trip to Grand Marais….MI, not MN, that is.

LOCATION:  Near Grand Marais, MI in northeast part of Upper Peninsula
CAMPGROUND:  Muskallonge Lake State Park
WEATHER:  Rain in the AM clearing to a sunny, nice PM.  High 69

It rained almost all last night, but YAY – our tarp worked and we did not get any leaks.  The fog was thick over the lake.  Then, it cleared and we were off.

Today’s destination was Grand Marais.  Our choice was to drive 20 miles along the Lake Superior shore, with 12 of those miles being gravel/dirt, or 80 miles down and around on a paved road.  We decided to take the shorter route, since we weren’t pulling Joy.  Indeed, it was pretty bumpy, but we made it fine.  The views of Lake Superior were beautiful.  It is so deserted in this area that all you see is the beach and the water.  It looks like the Atlantic or Pacific.

Grand Marais is a small town.  Tourism seems to be its #1 business  – water activities during the summer, and ice-fishing, hunting, and dog-sledding in the winter.  There is a nice, protected harbor.

There are a lot of cute B&Bs.  We found the Grand Marais Tavern for lunch and a beer.  Surprisingly good. 

Then, we explored the beach and lighthouse.

We returned to the state park on the bumpy road, and then  took a hike to Lake Superior, just across the highway.

The beach is full of small rocks and a favorite past-time is looking for agates. 

It is a bit addictive – trying to find the “perfect” rock.  I collected a bunch, but I don’t know if I will keep them or not….They weren’t nearly as pretty once I laid them out on the picnic table. 

The campground is filled again tonight.  Every night, the campgrounds post the “campground full” sign.  It seems like there are a lot of families meeting up, from different parts of Michigan.  Lots of people stop by our site to chat, curious that we came here all the way from Texas.

DINNER:  Not too exciting….lefltover eggbake.  I jazzed it up with some SPAM (yes, we do like SPAM), green onions, garlic, and pepperjack cheese. 

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