Day #119.  Considering Marquette as a possible retirement home (summer only!)

LOCATION:  Marquette, Michigan.  In central part of the Upper Peninsula
CAMPGROUND:  Marquette Tourist RV Park
WEATHER:  Cool and rainy in AM;  Cool and sunny in PM.  High 58

NOTE TO BLOG READER – Thank you for your note.  So sorry we missed you at the campground when you stopped by to say hello.  Thanks for being a faithful reader!!!


We bundled up and got outside in the AM.  George worked on the back fender that got scrunched yesterday.

We took a hike.  Under my rain jacket, I have 3 more layers on!

When the sun came out, it felt much nicer, even though the thermometer would not budge up to 60.  We headed downtown.  We had a super lunch at a brewery/restaurant.  It was built in 1863 as a “gentlemen’s club” with a ladies’ “sample room” next door. 

The owners have lovingly kept the original decor, including the original owner’s art work, lighting, and stained glass.

George ordered their whitefish chowder, perfect for a cool day.  It was so thick the spoon sat straight up. 

We were able to get a table with a view of the harbor

You can see one of the ore docks in the lake.  This one is not in use now, but previously was a big business hauling iron ore across Lake Superior.

We walked around the pretty harbor.  We bought some smoked whitefish spread in a neat little fish shop.

The views of the harbor from downtown are nice.

Some of the streets are steep, leading down to the water

I have a friend who recommended that I check out Marquette as a possible (summer) retirement place, once we stop traveling so much.  Indeed, it seems to be a great place to avoid hot summers!  These condos right on the harbor look like a possibility….

The downtown is vibrant with a lot of local shops and restaurants. 

We stumbled upon this statue.  Apparently Phil was a much-loved resident…

Then, since we still had some minutes on our parking meter, we checked out another downtown brewery (of course!)…..

Everyone seems so friendly and welcoming.

We did some grocery shopping, taking advantage of a nice, big supermarket here.  I had a few somewhat unusual items to buy, and you just can’t find them in small town markets. 

Back at the campground, our Canadian “friends” greeted us, right at our site…

George wanted to check out one more brewery, so off we went again.  On our way, we passed the lake where a sailing club was out…

This brewery, a co-op, was hopping.  We were the only ones inside.  The hardy Yuppers were out enjoying the sunshine, even though it was only in the 50s! 

DINNER:  This is a dish I made up and make once in awhile.  George makes grits every Sunday morning, and sometimes he makes too much.  So, with the leftovers, I stir in an egg and quite a bit of Parmesan cheese.  I line this in a Pyrex dish, making sort of a pie shell.  I bake it to harden it up.  Then, I add filling.  Tonight’s filling was a hamburger/tomato sauce using a hamburger patty that George had grilled last week.  I topped it with mozzarella.  Side was a lettuce and tomato salad. 

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