Day #90 –A Family Reunion!

LOCATION:  Suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota
CAMPGROUND:  Lebanon Hills County Park
WEATHER:  Terribly hot.  High 100+

I found a lovely trail around a small lake and got in a few steps before it got too hot.

When we got into the truck, this is what we found:


Off to near downtown Minneapolis where my brother lives.  His house is near Lake Calhoun, now called Bde Maka Ska – a Native Indian name.  We drove around the lake to admire the beautiful houses. 

It is a popular place for hiking, biking, and roller-blading.

We went to a French bistro for lunch.  We were able to sit outside as we nabbed a table in the shade.  The food was top-notch.

Back to my brother’s house to enjoy A/C comfort and conversation.

He lives not far from  where George Floyd was killed, and he, like most homes in the neighborhood, has a Black Lives Matter sign in the front yard.

We zipped back to the campground before the rush hour traffic.  Thank goodness we had left the A/C on while we were gone.

DINNER:  Leftover meatballs.  I swear this is the end of them!!!  Sides were salad and toasted pita bread (left from the night before) with some mozarella inside. 

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