Day #89 — More time with family and friends

LOCATION:  Suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota
CAMPGROUND:  Lebanon Hills County Park.  Perfect location for visiting the Twin Cities.  Full hook-ups.  Squeaky clean bathrooms/showers.  Picnic table and fire pit.  Not much shade or space between sites.  $46/night.  4 stars out of 5
WEATHER:  Minnesota is under a heat advisory.  High 100.  Not my cup of tea

Last night at the winery, it remained pretty hot (we were sans electricity/A/C).  I slept on the couch to keep away from George’s hot body!!!  It finally cooled down enough for a decent sleep.

This morning, George did his daily stretching exercises amid the vineyards, while I hiked around.

We had a short drive to this campground, getting lost only once.  We were lucky to get an early check-in.  After getting set up and cranking up the 2 A/Cs, we headed to NE Minneapolis to see Alexis and her boyfriend.  They rented an Air B&B to visit some friends here, and just coincidentally, it is the same time we are here.  We hung out with them in their air conditioning.   As usual, Alexis helped George with technical support for his phone.  A lot of hours get wasted doing that sort of thing!!

Our final good-bye…..

We had to zip back to the campground as we were expecting dinner guests.  The traffic was horrible.  We had to go from NE Minneapolis, through the downtown, to our SW Minneapolis campground right in the middle of rush hour!  Our big pick-up seems especially huge when we are in a city. 

Some friends we used to work with at Mayo Clinic who now live near here came by bringing dinner.  We had a very nice evening catching up with them. 

DINNER (take-out):  Hummus with pita bread, gyros, chicken shish-ka-bobs, and rice.  Very tasty!  Lots of leftovers! 

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