Day #86. Hot Minnesota!

LOCATION:  Rochester, Minnesota
CAMPGROUND:  Oxbow Park and Zoo
WEATHER:  HOT!!  High 97

Strangely, it is hotter here today than it is in our winter home in Texas! 

I got in my morning hike/steps before it got too hot.  I follow the same trail each morning, through the winds paralleling the river.  The flowers are so pretty. 

Then, off to lunch.  We met up with a couple, Judy and Kevin,  who live in our Texas community – Retama Village – in the winter.  It is such a small world…..  One day at the swimming pool, someone told me about a couple who had just moved to Texas from Minnesota.  We met at the pool and realized we know each other!  Not only are Kevin and Judy also from Rochester, Judy worked at Mayo Clinic, as did I, and we worked in the same HR department!!!! 

Being in Minnesota, we ordered traditional foods – a walleye sandwich and cheese curds on the side!

I splurged at Trader Joe’s, buying unusual foods that we don’t normally see in grocery stores, especially the smaller stores that are often our only option.

Back at the campground, we turned on the A/C as it was quite hot. 

Then, back to town…..we are making a lot of trips back and forth!  We went to Whistle Binkies Pub, a pub/restaurant built to look like an English pub.  It used to be our favorite watering hole, located just a few blocks from where we used to live.  We could walk there on a Sunday afternoon (especially a dreary, wintry February day), have a beer, talk to friends, and walk home. 

We met up with a collection of people – a faithful blog reader, a fellow travel afficionado and Facebook friend, and two former co-workers.  The conversations mostly centered around travel. 

For some reason, the pub was featuring flamingos, the mascot of Airstreams. So George had to get a photo.

George took off for a baseball game with Alexis’s boyfriend.  Rochester’s team is called the Honkers (named after the thousands of Canada geese that love living in Rochester)..  It is a “farm league” and is good old-fashioned fun.

I came on back to the Airstream to enjoy a peaceful interlude by myself. 

DINNER:  George had a Philly cheese sandwich at the game, and I just warmed up the leftover udon/vegetable bowl. 

BOOK:  “A Market Tale” by Martin Walker.  This short story is part of a series that I love that takes place in northern France where we once did a housesitting assignment.  It is about Bruno, Chief of Police, who is a charming man and connoisseur of French wines and foods.  5 stars out of 5.

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