Day #84 – A visit to Mayo Clinic

   LOCATION:  Rochester, Minnesota
   CAMPGROUND:  Oxbow Park and Zoo
   WEATHER:  Very nice and sunny.  High 83

We got up early for my 7:00 AM appointment with Mayo Clinic.  Masks and social distancing are required, and I was screened before I could enter.

Most of downtown Rochester are Mayo Clinic buildings.  My appointment was in the Mayo Building.

Here are the 2 Doctors Mayo who got the whole thing going.  The Gonda Building is in the background.

Throughgout the clinic is artwork, including this dramatic sculpture in the Gonda Building.  When our daughter was young, she would also say “Avert your eyes” when we were around this sculpture of the naked man.

One of the cool things about the buildings is the juxtaposition between the old and new.  This Plummer Building door is only closed for important occasions.  When I was working there, it was closed for September 11. 

This is the building where I used to work.  With Covid, all of the employees in this 6-storey building are now working from home, so it is empty.  I don’t think there are plans for people to return.

The downtown area is all focused around Mayo Clinic patients and employees.  The Peace Plaza is a pedestrian mall with hotels, bars, shops, and restaurants.

Conveniently, there are subways and skyways throughout the downtown so that patients and employees do not have to venture out in the frigid cold in the winter time. 

I am so proud to have worked at Mayo Clinic, which was selected as the best hospital in the USA last year.

I met with George for lunch.  We went to a Middle East restaurant.  I had a toubelleh salad and George had a gyro.  It was really tasty, but full of garlic, raw onions, and parsley — not such a wise idea to have ordered right before my afternoon dentist appointment!

I met some work colleagues for happy hour.  It was nice to sit on the patio.  The place was pretty busy; I think people are just so anxious to be outside again.

DINNER:  We returned to the campground and George fired up the grill.  We had some delicious brats that were seasoned with blue cheese, brats we had bought in a German meat shop in Missouri.  Side was a salad.

BOOK:  “The Quiet Side of Passion”   by Alexander McCall Smith who wrote the popular #1 Ladies’ Detective Agency series.  This is another series about a philosopher’s life in Scotland.  I love the way he writes.  5 stars out of 5

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