Day #83 – A hair cut (much-needed)

LOCATION:  Rochester, Minnesota
CAMPGROUND:  Oxbow Park and Zoo
WEATHER:  Beautiful, spring day.  High 73

To my Rochester readers —We will be at Whistle Binkie’s North on Friday, June 4 for a “drop-in” starting at around 4:30.  Please drop by to say Hello!

We moved from our temporary campsite to a 3rd one, still at the same park.  The number of sites occupied has dwindled from about 25 to 3.  It really has a different vibe, now, but will fill up again this weekend.

After the move, we went in to town to spend some time with our daughter.  Taking advantage of our pick-up, we helped her transport a mattress to the dump.

Then, to the beauty shop!  YAY!  I always love returning to the hairdresser that did my hair when we lived in Rochester.

In the evening, we visited with Alexis’s boyfriend’s parents at their home.  We sat outside and admired their flower and vegetable gardens. 

Then, we went to Forager Brewery for dinner.  I had a pizza and Geroge had a sandwich made with jackfruit.  He said it was delicious. 

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