Day #82 – Good hikes and fun with daughter

LOCATION:  Rochester, Minnesota
CAMPGROUND:  Oxbow Park and Zoo
WEATHER:  Beautiful, spring day.  High 73

To my Rochester readers —We will be at Whistle Binkie’s North on Friday, June 4 for a “drop-in” starting at around 4:30.  Please drop by to say “Hello”!!!

We hiked over to the zoo which is part of this county campground/park.  We hit it right at feeding time, so it was fun to watch the animal keepers prep the area and feed the animals, especially the big  black bear.  Then, we hiked in the prairie area where there are elk, bison, and deer.  From there, we found a hiking trail through a beautiful forest.

We crossed the river, then followed it for about 1 mile.  It’s a good thing we had our walking sticks as the trail was a bit slippery with mud from yesterday’s rain.

After a quick lunch, I drove in to town to pick up our daughter to go shopping.  First we went to her favorite store, a second-hand, thrift shop.   We bought LOTS of clothes.  With Covid, we could not try them on.  We are about the same size, so  we will sort out who-gets-what later.  Since each pair of pants and shorts were only about $4 each, we went a bit crazy!    I found this coffee cup – it couldn’t be more perfect!!!

Then, to Trader Joe’s to pick up interesting foods.  I wish we had a Trader Joe’s near us in Texas, but I would probably spend a lot of money there!  Alexis took this opportunity to stock up.  Thanks, Mom! 

While I was doing that, George had a visitor at the campground….a former nursing supervisor at Mayo Clinic.  I got to talk with her a bit, too, once I returned.  Shout out to Robin’s mother, a faithful blog reader!!!

Daughter Alexis and her boyfriend came out for dinner.  George made a campfire and we sat around it chatting. 

We tried on different outfits that we bought at the thrift store. Everything fits!

DINNER:  We started with shrimp cocktail around the campfire.  After the fire died and it cooled off, we moved inside and had some hummus that Alexis’s boyfriend had made.  Very tasty. 

For the main course,  I made muffalettas – the sandwich famous in New Orleans. In an unsupervised moment at Costco a few months ago, George bought a HUGE jar of the olive mix used for muffalettas.  I have been carrying it around with me, waiting to serve it when we had guests, since we cannot eat the whole jar.  So, this was a perfect time to get it out of the pantry.  With a nice, crusty Take N Bake loaf of bread, I spread on the olive mix and layered  tasty Italian cold cuts and cheeses.  I made one half for us, and the other half with vegan ingredients for them.  After wrapping the sandwich halves in plastic, I put a weight on them to get the olive spread to soak in.  They really turned out well.  And, we still have olive mix for another day, another sandwich! 

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