Day #20. A trip to Venice!

LOCATION:  Outside New Orleans, Louisiana
CAMPGROUND:  3rd night at St. Bernard’s State Park
WEATHER:  Overcast.  Rain predicted, but didn’t materialize

We ate our super-delicious muffaletta for lunch.  Invented at the famous Italian Central Grocery in the French Quarter, it is a sandwich made with a round, crusty loaf of bread.  Inside are 4 different kinds of salami, one slice of cheese, and their famous olive salad spread (like a tapanade).  They cut the sandwich in wedges.  We each had a quarter.  Too much food, but I couldn’t stop eating it!

We set out for a hopefully interesting day trip…..following the Mississippi’s Great River Road on its final two-hour route south of New Orleans.  We joked that we were on MN, IA, WI, etc soil as the land was created by all the land that flows down here from the Midwest..  We followed the levy south.  It must flood a lot here, because many of the houses are on high pillars.  They are at least 3 stories high; some have elevators.    Not only does the height protect them from flooding, but also gives them a view of the river over the levy.

We passed a lot of interesting birds nesting in the trees – more egrets, rosette spoonbill, and herons.  About an hour into the drive, we crossed the Mississippi on a little ferry.

Then, another hour south.  Other than houses and oil refineries, there is not much else here.  We arrived at the end of the road – appropriately named Venice as it is surrounded by water.

  We headed over to the marina to check it out.  This is where the action is!  There were lots of fishermen and fishing lodges.  Venice is the self-proclaimed “fishing capital of the world”.

As we wandered around the dock, we saw a fishing boat arrive.  They had caught 8 huge yellowfin and blackfin tuna, including one that weighed 100 pounds!

They loaded the fish in a wheelbarrow…

And then hung them up for photos.  George pretended that he caught them.

We watched the pelicans devour the leftovers. 

The guy that had caught the fish offered us a “bite of sashimi”.  We said “sure!”  thinking indeed he would give us a “bite”.  But, he gave us a huge fillet of tuna – about 10 steaks.  He wouldn’t accept any money.  We sure hit the jackpot!

We retraced our route, heading back north.  When we got to the ferry, we had to wait a bit while this ship passed through.

DINNER:  We gobbled up some delicious (FRESH) tuna sashimi for appetizers.  Yum, yum, yum!!!  George grillled some chicken.  Side was broccoli in a cream sauce.  (I had to cook the chicken as it had been thawed.  The tuna steaks will be on tomorrow’s menu). 

BOOK:  “The Mercedes Coffin” by Faye Kellerman.  A good mystery.  4 stars out of 5.

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