Day #19 – Being a tourist in New Orleans

Thanks to blog reader who recommended some other campgrounds/state parks in the New Orleans area.  From here, we already have plans to head to Mississippi, but may be returning to the area after a few weeks, and if so, we will try to stop there. 

LOCATION:  Outside of New Orleans, Louisiana
CAMPGROUND:  2nd night at St. Bernard State Park
WEATHER:  Absolutely perfect!  Sunny.  High 73

We spent the day being a tourist in New Orleans.  George had figured out a cool way to get to the French Quarter.  We took a car ferry across the Mississippi, then parked (free) in an area called Historic Algiers.  From there, we took a walk-on ferry to Canal Street.  This was much easier than driving into the city and cheaper than downtown parking.

You can see Jackson Square and the city skyline from the ferry…

We bought an all-day pass for the trolley system, and took one to the famous Cafe De Monde to buy coffee and beignets.  Alas, that was not to be.  There was a line about 1.5 mile long that would take about 2 hours, just to get to the counter!  So, we walked around the famous French Market, and George found a sweet potato pie to eat instead. 

We wandered around Bourbon Street area and other parts of the French Quarter.  We love these wrought-iron fences and beautiful flowers…

Some of the houses had Mardi Gras beads hanging from their balconies.

Parts of the French Quarter are kind of sleazy.  It must really be crazy at night.  Lots of bars and jazz clubs.  We peaked into some of the courtyards that look very interesting, and closed off from the public…

We were getting tired of the crowds (although mask-wearing was about 99%) and so we hopped on a trolley to go out to the less-crowded Garden District.

We passed by mansion after mansion, all with beautifully landscaped yards.  It is hard to believe that there is so much wealth here (along with poverty in other sections.)

We found a cute little restaurant/distillery for lunch.  We shared a “tomato stack” – 2 fried green tomatoes topped with a sauce of chilled shrimp, pickled okra, and jalapeno slices.  It was really tasty, and was the perfect amount of food.

Then, we took the trolley back to the French Quarter.  We stopped at Central Grocery to buy a muffuletta for lunch tomorrow.

By 4:00, we had had enough being a tourist.  We caught the ferry back to Algiers.  It is a darling little ward of the city, one of the oldest parts.  We stopped at a very authentic British pub. 

The bartender made us a Sazarec, a drink created in New Orleans.  It is really tasty!  It is the Pernod that is swirled around the glass that makes it pop.

Now, we were ready to hop on the car ferry, and we would be home in about 10 minutes.  That was not to be!!!  The car ferry was not running!!!!!  A part of the ramp had broken,  That meant that we had to turn around and cross the Mississippi by bridge, drive again through New Orleans, then circle back to our campground.  An hour later, we arrived.  Darn! 

DINNER:  Our friend Irene isn’t feeling well, so we each did our own thing.  George grilleld some Cajun jalapeno sausages.  I sliced them and added them to a tomato/onion stir-fry.  Side was a salad. 

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