Day #18 – On to New Orleans!

LOCATION:  Outside of New Orleans, Louisiana
CAMPGROUND:  St. Bernard State Park, about 15 miles out side of NOLA.  Water and electricity.  Nice paved site with picnic table, stand-up grill,  and fire pit.  Good bathrooms.  $14/night – a great deal.  Great wifi and TV reception. 4 stars out of 5
WEATHER:  Hot and muggy in the AM, cooling off nicely in PM

We had a nice overnight at Ardoyne Plantation, although the traffic noise was not pleasant.  Where do people drive all night?  We learned that the plantation was originally settled by a Scotsman who named it Ardoyne, which means “little knoll” or “little hill” in Scottish.  It is a big deal here – the house was built at 10 feet above sea level, quite impressive here in Louisiana.  That compares with New Orleans, which is 3 feet below sea level.  Crazy!

We had to measure to make sure Joy could clear the low-hanging limbs from the oak trees at the plantation as we exited.    Whew!  We made it!

I hate driving in cities, and our GPS looked like we would have to go through New Orleans to get to our campground on the other side of the city.  So, I drove the first hour, then handed the wheel over to George.  The GPS must have been set on “avoid highways” as it avoided Hwy 90 and Interstate 10, which would have been direct routes to the campground.  Instead, it took us through downtown city streets.  For awhile, we were on Canal Street.  Then, we drove through residential areas, most very very poor-looking.  We drove through the ward that had been seriously flooded by Hurricane Katrina several years ago.  About 75% of the houses have been repaired.  Most sport bright colors and tiny lawns.  The other 25% are boarded up, abandoned, with weeds in the yards.  Sad.  Driving down these narrow streets was scary – I was afraid that they would dead-end or that we would be too wide to get through.

We made it, of course.  After we got set up, George and Rob retraced our route a few miles to figure out the best way to get in to the city tomorrow for sight-seeing.  They found a ferry system which they checked out. We will try to do it tomorrow. 

DINNER:  They stopped at a Cajun/Creole restaurant  on the way home and picked up po-boys.  George and I shared a fried soft-shelled crab (local blue crabs) one.  It was very good – huge with 6 crabs. 

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