Lovin’ the Cajun Food!

LOCATION:  Abbeville, Louisiana
CAMPGROUND:  2nd night at Palmetto Island State Park
WEATHER:  Mostly cloudy.  High 70

As I was drinking my morning coffee, and looking out the window, I spotted two large animals.  They appeared to be small cows.      I looked more closely and realized that they are huge, wild hogs.  They crept out of the swamp, pooped ( a LOT) on the grass in front of our site, then disappeared back among the palm fronds in the swamp. Darn – sure wish I had gotten a photo!

We went in to the town of Abbeville, passing a lot of beautiful southern-style plantations with azaleas ablaze in their front yards.  Quite nice.

With the Glanvilles, we found a great Cajun restaurant for lunch – SHUCKS.  Each couple shared a dozen oysters on the half shell.  Superb!

The Glanvilles split a crab sandwich (from local crabs).  The menu explained that their recipe makes 130 crab cakes, and calls for only one cup of flour and one cup of breadcrumbs, resulting in cakes that have very little filler.  Rob and Irene reported that they were delicious.

George and I split a bowl of crawfish etouffee.  It was yummy, too.

We did a little grocery shopping, then headed back to the park.  This is the road leading into the park – quite narrow with the swamp on both sides.

I sure wouldn’t want to fall into the swamp!

This gator welcomed us back to the park.

Another section of the park has nice rental cabins, picnic areas, and canoe/kayak rentals.

An unfortunate part of swamp-living is the bugs.  There are some huge flies here that divebomb and bite
people.  I walked to the “comfort station” (a nice southern way of saying bathroom).  There, I talked with two ladies; one was very Cajun and had a strong French accent.  When I commented about the flies, she said their name in French.  Apparently, there is no exact translation, but they are like big sand flies or biting deer flies.  Not nice!

We made a campfire, mostly to create smoke to keep the biting flies and mosquitos at bay. 

DINNER:  Since we had a large lunch, we decided to eat separately and lightly tonight.  I made a flatbread pizza spread with a pesto/cream cheese sauce, then topped with some rotisserie chicken, onions, and green peppers.  I served with sprinkles of green onions and tomato wedges.  Quite nice. 

BOOK:  “Just One Look” by Harlan Coben.  I picked up this book in a book exchange at a campground.  A murder mystery.  He writes quite well.  It is a real page-turner.  4 stars out of 5

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