Day #16: Swamp camping!

LOCATION:  Outside of Breaux Bridge, Louisiana
CAMPGROUND:  Another Harvest Host Site – Champagne Cajun Swamp Tour.  Wow!  We are in their parking lot.  What a cast of characters!  We had to stay on the graveled area, as the grassy area was very soft due to a lot of recent rain.  4 stars out of 5
WEATHER:  Mostly cloudy.  High 76

I got up early, hoping to get a photo of the feral hogs coming out of the swamp, but they stayed hidden.

We only had a short distance to go, and we were hoping to get uneventfully from Point A to Point B.  We managed to avoid Interstate 10 and any ferries, but the roads were awful.  Previously, I complimented Louisiana on its state park system, but the state has really ignored their roads.  The roads were some of the worst we have experienced.  Our bodies were shaken up and everything in Joy got a good shake, too. The paved road was so badly patched that I could only manage about 35 mph.  Then, our GPS instructed us to turn onto a gravel/mud road.  (I don’t make this stuff up!!!!).  It actually turned out a bit better than the paved road. We were on a road called Rookery Road, and the trees were full of egrets and rosette spoonbills – similar to flamingos, high in the trees.  What a site!   We arrived at the Swamp Tour place and got parked.  It was a little dicey.  If it rains more tonight, we may be in trouble.

We arranged to take the afternoon tour. 

It was a one-hour tour.  Our guide was a good ole’ boy…

It was actually a very good tour.

We counted 15 alligators, mostly small but one a big 10-footer. 

We saw lots of turtles on logs, and some nutria rats (something the alligators like.)  And, countless birds – egrets, blue herons, whistling ducks, and countless others.

The captain guided us through the bayou and then  the swamp – very swampy! 

Then, we went around the lake, very  popular among fishermen and duck hunters…..There were lots of duck blinds..

After the tour, we relaxed in our RVs, and then I made dinner…

DINNER:  An Asian theme – stir-fried veg and shrimp over soba noodles. 

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