Day #13 – It was a dark and stormy night…..

LOCATION:  Near Holly Beach, Louisiana
CAMPGROUND:  2nd night at Johnson Bayou RV Park

It started raining about 1:00 AM and absolutely poured.  Thunder crashed all around us for hours and the sky was lit up with lightning.  There was even some light hail for a while – Airstream owners’ worst nightmare as hail causes pockmarks on the aluminum.  The storm seemed to abate for awhile, then returned.  All night long….

We awoke and peeked outside.  We now have a waterfront campsite! 

We think we got about 8 inches of rain.  At one point in the morning, we lost electricity, probably because our electricity plug-ins were under water. 

It continued raining throughout the morning.  Trix, the Glanville’s dog, ventured out to pee…..

The whole campground is one big pond.  The rain finally stopped about noon.  George opened up some of the empty sewer outlets and that helped to drain the water.  He brought in bricks so that we could get to higher ground from Joy’s entrance.

By mid-afternoon, we could slog around a bit in ankle-deep water. 

This RV park has a nice laundry so I did a load.  When the sun came out, George and I walked to the beach, about a 3-mile round trip.  On our way, we passed by flooded fields.  Alligators lurked in the deepest sections of the ditches.  One plopped in as we passed; another just showed his head.

Farther down the road, we discovered the corpses of 4 dead cows floating in the water, probably victims of last fall’s 175-hour Hurricane Laura winds.  Pretty creepy…

The beach was nice.  We had it to ourselves.  We discovered a decapitated seal lying in the shallow water.  Also creepy.

Back at the campground, it was time for a celebration……our 45th wedding anniversary!  It certainly doesn’t seem like it was 45 years ago when we married in Japan, after knowing each other for only 3 months or so.  George popped a bottle of champagne….

Here are our friends trying the champagne with some pate’ and toast points….

And here is the happy couple….

DINNER:  My turn tonight.  Sort of a chicken cacciatore.  George grilled chicken thighs on the grill.  Meanwhile, I made a meaty spaghetti sauce using ground pork, bell peppers, onions, artichoke hearts, garlic, and a jar of sauce.  When the thighs were almost done, I put them in the sauce to finish cooking.  I served with a salad and buttered tagliatelle pasta.  Very gourmet! 

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