Day #12 – Trying to find our RV park!

LOCATION:  Holly Beach, Louisiana
CAMPGROUND:  Johnson Bayou RV Park.  Full hook-ups.  Laundry.  Really nice owner.  No showers or toilets….UGH!  Level, grassy sites.  No picnic table or grills.  No cell service.  $30/night.  2 stars out of 5
WEATHER:  Very windy.  High 67
DISTANCE DRIVEN:  4 hours (should have been 1!)

With a short distance from Anahuac, Texas to tonight’s destination, we putzed around in the morning, taking our time to do odd jobs, like adjusting the air in the tires.  We told the Glanvilles that we would meet them at the RV park.  George and Rob did a little fishing, and Rob caught this BIG one!

They needed to go grocery shopping; we needed gas and propane.

The poor cell service in Anahuac dwindled away and we had no GPS at all  to find the road we were looking for.  So, unfortunately, we landed on the dreaded Interstate 10 again.  We were able to get off after a few miles and finally found the highway we were looking for.  We drove by lots of ugly, massive oil refineries and could see huge oil platforms in the Gulf.  Very ugly industry.  Even though we are surrounded by oil and gas industry, there were no gas stations to be had. 

Still without GPS, we searched for our RV park.  We weren’t even sure of its address.  Their website said Cameron, Louisiana so that is where we headed using a paper map. 

Hurricane Laura came through here in September, 2020 and really did a lot of damage.  We passed lots of houses that were in various states of disrepair – from ripped off siding, to houses off their cement foundations, to total devastation.  There was garbage everywhere – huge pieces of metal ripped off from barns and factories lying in the ditches.  So sad. 

We stopped to buy gas, and thank goodness we did!  Even in the midst of all this oil, it was the most expensive gas we have bought on this trip – at $2.89/gallon.  We kept on driving toward the town of Cameron, but the road ended!  We figured that the hurricane took out the bridge so we were in line waiting for the ferry.  Still unable to get GPS, we were a bit uneasy about continuing.  George finally asked the car behind us whether he knew where our RV park is.  It was in the opposite direction!!!!!  So, we had to turn back and retrace our steps for about 25 miles.  It turns out that it is in Cameron Parish, not the town of Cameron. 

Once in a while, we could get a bit of cell service, and it told us to turn down a road for the RV park entrance.  It didn’t look good…..and it turned out to be a narrow dirt road toward the entrance to an oil refinery!  The gate was locked and there was nowhere to turn around.  Thank goodness, there was a telephone at the gate that we could use to ask a guard to open up the gate for us to turn around.  He also provided directions to the RV park.  We were on Young Road – just the wrong Young Road – there are 2! 

So, finally in mid-afternoon, we limped into the park.  We had passed it about 2 hours ago!!!! What should have been a one-hour trip ended up to be 3.  We were pooped from driving in the stress!  And thank goodness we had bought that gas.  That was the only station we saw the entire afternoon. 

There is not much to do here.  Rob and Irene took their dog Trix to the beach, about a mile from here.  It was super windy, so we decided not to go.  They found a dead seal on the beach.  Weird.    There are no restaurants or shops.  The nearest are in Port Arthur, about 35 miles away.  So, we will probably just hang out here.

DINNER:  Irene’s turn.  She made some good chicken tortilla soup.  It was a good night for soup.

In the evening, we played cards with the Glanvilles.  They are trying to teach us.  We are not good students. 

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