Day #9 – A drive to remember…

LOCATION:  Bolivar Peninsula in Galveston Bay, Texas
CAMPGROUND:  Bay Palms RV Resort.  Nice location – on bayside, not on busy highway.  Seemingly new  park.  Nice, level concrete slabs with full hook-ups.  Picnic tables.  No toilets or showers. No owner/host on site – all arranged via phone.  Good wifi.  $55/night.  3 stars out of 5…..really wanted that shower!
WEATHER:  Another spring-like day.  Sunny.  High 73
DISTANCE DRIVEN:  3 hours – see below!

We researched our route from the Lone Star Flight Museum to the Bolivar Peninsula, planning to meet up with the Glanvilles near the Galveston ferry for a pleasant, relaxed brunch.  Google Maps gave us two options – to go southeast from the museum for an easy 40-minute drive to the ferry, then a free ferry crossing across the bay, arriving in our RV park about 5 minutes later.   The other, which we obviously did not want to do, was to go northwest into the city of Houston, then get on the horrific Interstate 10 east, then south, then west, making a big loop of  about 3 hours.  Guess what we did?  Google “flipped” our options, and took us toward the city. We stopped and re-programmed the phone to go southeast.  It flipped again without our realizing it.   We were in rush hour morning traffic.  We got behind a crash, stopping traffic for miles.  By this time, there was no option of turning around  So, we did the circular, hellish route.  Interestate 10 is full of speeding semi-trucks, road construction, and vehicles changing lanes at full speed.  Ugh!

We managed to finally get to the RV park, safe and sound.  We were all frustrated, but joked that we will remember this day.

After getting set up (and sadly finding no showers), we drove to a beach shack for lunch.  We split an order of ceviche that was quite good.  Then, George decided he was still hungry so had some fried frog legs.  He said they were good. 

We walked around the area where we are staying.  It is very quiet.  We are next to a harbor with shrimp boats.

We relaxed in the afternoon, and read in the sun.  Very nice!  George took an outdoor shower and we watched him shiver.  Fun!

DINNER:  My turn……I did a Mexican theme.  The main dish was a tortilla roll-up that I had made once before with chicken.  Tonight I did it with leftover grilled bison burger.  I added sauteed poblano peppers, onions, and cream cheese to the meat,  and stuffed that mixture into tortilla rolls. Topped with salsa, green onions, and cilantro.   Sides were black beans, Spanish rice, and corn.  Here is the original recipe….

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