DAY #7 – Happy St.. Patrick’s Day!

LOCATION:  Lake Texana near Victoria, Texas
CAMPGROUND:  2nd night at Lake Texana/Brackenridge
WEATHER:  Perfect.  Rain in AM; sunny in PM.  High 82

We stayed cozy inside while it rained in the morning.  We love the sound of the rain on the Airstream. 

A bunch of male cardinals have made their home in the trees next to our campsite.  They like to swoosh down to peck their reflection in our rear-view mirror.  It is fun to watch them, except they leave a lot of poop behind!

When the sun came out, we walked around the campground a bit, then went in to Victoria to find lunch.  Someone had recommended The Pump House, to which we headed.  It was the city’s original water works/pump house station, renovated from the early 1800s. 

It is in the historic district of town.  We followed the historic tour around, gobsmacked by the huge, beautiful homes built in the 1850s.  We think the wealth came from oil.

Back at the campground, we explored some more.  This is actually two campgrounds that have been combined.  Altogether, there must be at least 200 sites.  Almost all are occupied, full of families celebrating Spring Break. 

Then, time to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!  George made Irish car bombs (Irish whiskey and Guinness) for Rob and himself.

DINNER:  It was Irene’s turn to cook.  She made a delicious lamb curry stew, served over mashed cauliflower. 

After dinner, Rob and Irene tried to teach us a card came, Hand and Foot.  We must be slow learners.  We (or at least I) will keep trying. 

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