Day #6 – Reuniting with friends

LOCATION:  Near Victoria, Texas – South East/Central part of state
CAMPGROUND:  Lake Texana Park.  Formerly a state park, so has that “feel”.  Many sites on lake.  Water and electricity, flat and graveled sites.  Picnic tables, firepit, and stand-up grill.  A bit run-down.  $30/night.   3 stars out of 5
WEATHER:  Muggy here.  High 78 and cloudy.  Light mist

We got a fairly early start out of Johnson City and thankfully were able to avoid driving through Austin and San Antonio as we drove southeast. 

Unfortunately, we are a bit early to see the famous bluebonnet flowers that line this part of the Texas highway system in spring.  I’m not sure if this story is right or not, but it is cute….When Johnson was President, his wife Ladybird gave all the Texas policemen bags of wildflower seeds.  She instructed them to dump out some seeds whenever they stopped to ticket a speeding car.  Thus, we have ended up with roads lined with flowers!

We arrived at our campsite and immediately hit the showers!  Both Joy and we are getting rejuvenated.  We have electricity and water so it feels luxurious.

Our friends Rob and Irene from Retama Village arrived about 20 minutes after we did.  They, and their Schnauzer Trix,  will be traveling with us for the next several weeks.

George and Rob got the stand-up grill going while I did the prep work for dinner.  Irene and I will share dinner duties – our place one night; her place the next. 

First we had the rest of my walnut spread with drinks. 

Then, we moved inside for dinner…

DINNER:  George grilled some salmon filets.  Sides were risotto with spinach/chicken/feta sausage, and green beans.  Quite nice.  We had a lot of opened wine bottles left from the wineries we visited a few days ago, so polished them all off!

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