Are we in Napa Valley???!!!

LOCATION:  Outside Fredricksburg, Texas
CAMPGROUND:  Another Harvest Host site.  Messina Hof Winery.  Long,  level circular driveway to park.   hostess to greet us.  4 stars out of 5
WEATHER:  High 78. 

After the polo match and wine & cheese festival finished last evening, it became a very quiet night.  No road noise, and not a peep from our neighbors. 

This morning, we walked down to the polo field.  For the festival, they had brought in this camel for photo ops. 

Also, Texas longhorns  had been on display.

In the fields were Budweiser Clydesdale horses, goats, sheep, other cows, and donkeys.  They all galloped towards us to beg for food.

We had a very short drive from last night’s Harvest Host dance hall to today’s Harvest Host winery.  We arrived about noon and got set up.  It is a very “European” tasting room…

There is one other RV here – another Airstream.  What a coincidence – we are twins.  Both are 25-foot Flying Clouds.  We chatted with the owners a bit.  They are a young couple from Pittsburgh.  They both work remotely, so are traveling around the USA while working.

George was the designated driver today so I could do some wine tastings.  There are more than 100 wineries in this area.  We started at the Texas Wine Cooperative recommended by our Harvest Host winery.  This one was pretty popular. (Note the cowboy hat on the bench.)

Gals dressed up in their cowboy boots and fancy outfits flooded in from wine bus tours.

We asked the wine pourer for other recommendations -for wineries off the main highway, that would be quieter.  He recommended Narrow Path, where we headed next.  There we had lovely views of the vineyards and enjoyed a tasty pastrami sandwich for lunch

Our next one, recommended by Narrow Path, was Adega Vinho, a Portuguese name.  This one was lovely, too.

We ended the day back at Messina Hof Winery, our Harvest Host site, with a final glass of the day.  Most of the day I had tried dry reds, but since it was warm, we tried a dry rose’.  We bought the bottle to pair a salmon dinner later this week.

DINNER:  Since we are in wine country, I put together a charcuterie platter:  cheese, pate’, artichoke hearts, pepperoncini, walnut spread, and toast points.  Very nice.

BOOK:  “The Devil’s Cave” by Martin Walker.  This is one of my favorite series, about Bruno, a policeman in the Dordogne area of France.  I especially like it as it brings back memories of our time housesitting there.  Wonderful descriptions of food and wine, too.  5 stars out of 5

Another early night, since we are conserving our battery.  We listened to another podcast in the candlelight.  Not too shabby!  This is glamping! 

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