More Harvest Host fun!

LOCATION:  Outside of Fredricksburg, Texas
CAMPGROUND:  Another Harvest Host – Camp Bankersmith Bar and Dance Hall.  3 stars out of 5

Since we didn’t have far to go today, we hung out at the Lone Star Bar and Grill all morning,  and relaxed. 

On our way to today’s destination, Camp Bankersmith, we drove through the town of Fredricksburg.  It is a German town and is quite cute – full of shops, wine tasting rooms, and German restaurants.  Since it is Spring Break, the town was full of tourists.  We just kept driving….. 

Camp Bankersmith was once its own town and the post office has been converted to a bar.  There was no place to park Joy, and it was full of people, so we drove on to find the area where we were supposed to camp.  It is a large field that could probably accommodate 20 RVs easily.  We found a nice spot, set up, unhooked, then returned to the bar/dance hall to register.  All very informal.  The bartender said that we were fine and nothing else was necessary.  Not the cozy atmosphere that we usually enjoy with Harvest Hosts. 

Lunch and beer were at the magnificent Alstadt Brewery outside of Fredricksburg.  It is very impressive.

We had a home-made pretzel with some home-made sausage in their tap room.  The main restaurant seemed to be overflowing with tourists, including noisy kids.

After some nice beers, we took a drive in the country and drove through another fun place called Luckenbach.  It is similar to Camp Bankersmith …..It used to be a town and is now an outdoor beer garden and dance hall.

Back in Joy, we watched hundreds of cars drive by toward the polo field.  There was a polo match at the end of the road in front of us this afternoon, along with a wine & cheese fundraiser.  Included in the entrance fee was a ride on a helicopter so we had to tolerate the helicopter noise for a few hours. 

George is such a chick magnet……Right next to Joy was an old-fashioned horse-drawn carriage.  Carloads of women stopped after the polo match to take their pictures.  A group of about 7 women spilled out of a pick-up and called over to George to take their photo.  After he did, they invited him into the carriage for more photos and some cuddling.  What a guy!

We returned to Camp Bankersmith to check it out.  It, too, was full of tourists.  People were playing outdoor games and there was a good band.

It is a very lively place, and it was interesting to people-watch.  The atmosphere just isn’t our cup of tea, though. 

The food seemed to be typical rich, fried bar food, so we decided to return to Joy for dinner.

DINNER: We shared some of my hummus on crackers.  Then, I warmed up some leftover pasta and added a leftover crab cake and some pesto.  It turned out pretty well.  Side was salad.  Our stomachs were happier with this than with the restaurant food we have been eating.

We are trying to minimize our battery usage, so we ate by candlelight and by flashlight.  Normally, our battery recharges as we drive, but since these Harvest Host sites are all nearby, the battery is getting a bit low. The main thing we need it for is to keep the fan going for the refrigerator. 

Before bed, we listened to podcasts on my phone (Thanks, Alexis!) by candlelight.  An early night….

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