How fun! Camping at a Texas bar & grill!

LOCATION:  Fredricksburg, Texas – in the Texas Hill Country, north of San Antonio
CAMPGROUND:  Another Harvest Host site…..Lone Star Bar and Grill – a country-western bar with live music and a food truck.  Big field with sheep.  Big area for RVs.  5 stars out of 5.

NOTE TO BLOG READER WHO COMMENTED — One of my readers (thanks for following) asked me about the pull-out pantry that we have in our 25-foot Flying Cloud Airstream.  She said her shelves fall down while traveling.  We have not had that problem at all.  Our hooks are welded to the metal rail which holds them up.   Maybe check with Airstream?  Maybe re-weld? 


We had a nice sleep at Medina Winery,  the Harvest Host location outside of Castroville.  Since we weren’t in a rush, we took a long walk around a big hayfield this morning. 

We drove into the town of Castroville, settled by people from Alsace (the France/Germany border). We stopped by a famous Alsatian bakery to buy some goodies, then drove around the historic section of town.  The houses were built in the 1800s and really do look French/German.  Very pretty, and all very well-kept.

On north to Bandera, the Cowboy Capital of the World.  We ate lunch in the famous OST – Old Spanish Trail, a popular restaurant for the locals, serving cowboys and conquistadors since 1921.  Covid precautions are very much relaxed here.  We were one of the few wearing masks. 

We arrived at this Harvest Host site at about 3:00.  The owner greeted us and directed us to our spot, out in a fairly large field.  There is one other HH camper here.  I had to get out of the truck to shoo away the sheep so that George wouldn’t accidentally run over one! 

We got settled in and walked around.  I counted 13 sheep in our field.

Some of the sheep were not too friendly, but this one wanted a handout…

We checked out the outdoor seating of the bar & grill.  Minnie Pearl, a very fat pot-bellied pig, was rooting around and liked to be petted.

Ride-’em cowboy! 

We mosied over to the bar and enjoyed listening to a female country-western band.  George had a Lone Star beer, of course, then an IPA.  I had a wine from a nearby winery. 

We ordered dinner from their food truck.  George had their pig fries.  They were a Texas version of the Quebecois poutine dish — French fries smothered in sauce (BBQ for Texas) and cheese, onions, and pulled pork.  Really decadent.  I sampled some, but it was too rich for me. 

Then, at 7:00, the main band took the stage.  The place was packed with locals.  The band was quite good.  We didn’t stay too long.  We could hear the band and the crowd from our Airstream, but we were far enough away that it didn’t bother us.  The band stopped at about 11:00, I think. 

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