The countdown continues….for tomorrow’s departure

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Really windy again.  A bit concerned about tomorrow’s drive.  High 78.  The local weatherman measures the level of wind by garbage can commentary.  Today, he said they would blow over, and they did!

STEPS:  9833
CLASSES:  1 water aerobics

Today was work, work, work!  We successfully emptied the refrigerator and freezer in the house and moved the contents to Joy.  George does wonders with getting things to fit. 

I emptied out my pantry in the house and filled up Joy’s.  I love this slide-out wonder.

Then, we wanted to clean, clean, clean so no bugs or critters would be tempted to make themselves at home while we are gone…..We pulled out the refrigerator and stove, and gave everything a good cleaning.  Shelves are now empty and washed down. 

We will set the A/C to kick on at about 85 degrees.  The things in the shed will get super hot this summer, so our living/dining room now has a bicycle in its midst.  The outdoor planters will be joining the bike.  We wouldn’t want them to blow over if/when we get high winds here this summer.

DINNER:  Not wanting to get out the pots and pans that I had already moved to Joy, we did a carry-out pizza for dinner.  It was pesto and cheese from a local place we’ve been wanting to try.  Not too bad, and we have some leftovers for breakfast one day this week.

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