Counting down to our road-trip departure!

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Very breezy.  High 74

STEPS:  16,247
CLASSES:  Chair yoga, 2 line-dancing, 1 water aerobics

A temperature of 70 always used to seem warm, but down here, especially in the wind, it seems chilly!  We were freezing in the pool so we only did one class of water aerobics. Then to the hot tub to warm up.

We went to the store to  stock up for our road trip.  I always keep a “back-up” box in the back-seat of the pick-up as my secondary pantry.  The bin is full of canned goods, pasta, beans, etc.  As it was overflowing, I had to add a second bin!

There is so much to do!  When we leave, we take almost everything with us.  I don’t leave any food as it would attract bugs.  I place all my spices in a plastic bin which fits perfectly under the oven in the Airstream.

Little by little, I am getting things packed.  We have to take clothes for all seasons, including winter. Thank goodness Joy, our Airstream, has good storage.

DINNER:  After about 2 hours of shucking 10 blue crabs, George gave me the crabmeat that made 3 small crab cakes.  A lot of work for a bit of food!  Sides were  broccoli and a salad.

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