LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Very nice.  Sunny.  High 78

We enjoyed our normal Sunday morning routine – George’s grits and eggs accompanied by “CBS Sunday Morning”. 

Since it was not windy, we walked up to the pickleball so I could get in some practice.  Our neighbors were there, so we played a foursome with them.  It was George’s first time (as he fell down the last time), but he was better than I was, even though I’ve been playing for about a month!  Not fair!!!!

We did a little pruning of the dead-looking shrubs, although we can see bits of green popping through. 

While George went to play pool and chess, I did a lot of cooking and food preparation.  To minimize a huge bag of whole walnuts (that George  bought while unsupervised), I turned a bunch into crumbs in the food processor so that I can use them for cooking while we are traveling.  They make a nice coating when cooking fish or chicken.  Then, I found a recipe for a walnut spread that I made – quite simple – walnuts crushed in the food processor, soy sauce, garlic, lemon juice, and a bit of tahini. 

Then, I made risotto for dinner tonight.  It takes quite a while, so kept me quite busy.  I was prepping for dinner with another couple coming over tonight.  I tried to make everything ahead of time, so I could enjoy the guests, instead of cooking while they are here.

As I said before, we are “baby-sitting” a table for our Canadian back-door neighbors.  It turns out that the couple we invited over today are the original owners of the table.  When they moved, they gave the table to our Canadian friends.  So, it was kind of cute to be able to serve them dinner on “their” table.  I love the way we can move furniture around when we entertain.  We moved the indoor/outdoor table outside, along with the rattan chairs, then moved the dining room table to center stage…

I moved the island that I use for dish-drying to the side, and used it as the bar…

DINNER:  First we had the walnut spread on crackers outside, next to a bonfire. Then, moving inside, we had scallops that I sauteed in a butter/garlic/wine sauce.  Sides were the risotto and green beans that they brought.  A delightful dinner. 

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