We got shot! …..With Covid vaccine, that is

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Beautiful.  Sunny,  High 75

STEPS:  9118

The big highlight of the day was getting our second Covid vaccine.  YAY!!!!!!!!

What a difference between our first shot experience and today’s…..

1.  There was excellent signage today about parking.  The location was the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, which is a big campus.  For the first shot, there were no signs and we drove aimlessly around (until we saw a line of old-looking people!)

2.  College security men greeted us today,  asking us if we were getting first or second dose, then instructed us to get in the (short) line.  Last time, there wasn’t anyone around to ask for assistance.  For the first shot, we stood in the cold for about 1/2 hour until another “customer” told us we were in the wrong line.

3.  We waited about 5 minutes outside until we were ushered inside to register.  For the first shot, we waited about 2 hours with mindless, repetitive paperwork.  Most of that wait was outside in the cold rain.

4.  For the first shot, we came poorly attired.  Since we hadn’t known that we would have to stand in line outside, we had not worn warm clothing.  We froze.  Today, we were prepared – gloves, 2 jackets, long pants, and a wind-breaker.  Ha!  It turned out to be sunny and about 75.  And, we were only outside a short time.

5.  The registration process was quick, in person, and friendly.  The first time, we were seated in a big, noisy computer room and had to register via a Zoom call which we could not hear well.

6.  We waited about 2 minutes for the shot.  The guy who “shot” me last time was a novice and it hurt.  Today, I didn’t even know she had finished with the needle. 

7.  Including the 15-minute wait to see if we had any reaction, the entire experience today was about 25 minutes.  This compares with the 3- hour “ordeal” last time. 

It was a totally different experience. Even if we had had a repeat of the first experience, I wouldn’t complain, because now we are vaccinated!!!

We will continue to follow Covid guidelines, wearing a mask and social distancing.  We fear for our state, as the governor lifted Covid precautions; masks are no longer required.  This is   We just hope that there is not another spike.

On our way home, we took some back roads, passing by lots of citrus orchards.  How sad…..they are all brown and the fruit is lying on the ground. 

We celebrated by going to Loretto’s, our favorite bistro, to sit on their patio and enjoy Wine Wednesday with our friends.

Besides the wine, we shared a flatbread and some wings.

DINNER:  George grilled bison burgers, from ground bison we had received with our Imperfect Foods shipment.  He mixed it with some ground pork so it wouldn’t be so lean.  While he was grilling, we enjoyed a bonfire.  It almost got out of control when the wind picked up!

He learned this new technique…..after making the patties, he made an indentation with his thumb, and placed an ice cube in each. 

This kept the burgers from burning, and gave them some nice moisture.  Really good!

Side was a baked potato. 

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