Paint job complete!

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Cool.  High 65

STEPS:  7880.  I just didn’t feel like my regular walk
CLASSES:  Chair yoga and 2 line-dancing

Classes took up most of the morning, then I did computer work all afternoon in the clubhouse, trying to plot our way north after we leave Louisiana in April.  We don’t want to go too far north too early, due to weather.  I am trying to find combinations of Army Corps of Engineer Parks with Harvest Host sites in between.  I’m as far north as Missouri, right now, in my planning.  I’m just planning, and not reserving, as we are “on hold” for a possible trip to Newfoundland.  If that trip comes to fruition, we will zip up north, rather than meander. 

While I was doing all of that, George spent the entire day painting.  He only had the front side of t he house to do, but it took hours to do all the trim work.  He was really beat. He did a fantastic job.  Alas, I did not help at all.  (It would have looked awful.)    We are happy with how the color came out….



I really like the way the front doors open up, so when we have parties we can go inside and outside easily.  (We had the doors open for the paint to dry).

We went to our local Mexican meat market in search of quail, for one of the last recipes I have left in Jacques Pepin’s cookbook.  They didn’t have any quail, but have a beautiful array of meat and chicken, including some unusual stuff like marinated intestines, pig ears, and pickled pork rinds. 

DINNER:  I had planned on the quail, so had nothing thawed with which to cook.  So, I made a fall-back recipe that is always tasty.  I sauteed some mushrooms and onions, then added some white wine and cream cheese to make a light cream sauce.  I boiled up some good papperelle pasta.  To serve, I poured the sauce over the pasta, and then topped it all  with smoked salmon and capers.  Sides were leftover vegetables – acorn squash and stir-fry zucchini with onions.  Too much food!

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