Perfect? Imperfect?

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  More summer-like weather.  High 90

STEPS:  15,132
CLASSES:  2 water aerobics

We played pickleball in the morning, even though it was very windy.  Today we had 16 players – a record, I think.  I was not the only newbie for a change.

George is prepping the house before he paints it later this week.  We got approval to paint the house a different color – sort of a beige/gray/sage green color.  He caulked and put spackle (?) in the cracks and over the nail heads. 

I got my hair cut.  I always feel like I lose 2 pounds or so after she has cut and thinned out my hair. 

We decided to try out Imperfect Foods, a food delivery service that is supposed to offer fruit and veg that do not look perfect.  Two big boxes arrived this afternoon.  In addition to fruit and veg, we ordered some different cheeses, bison, lamb, and sausage.  I think the packaging on the meat and cheese is what makes them “imperfect”.  It seems like a pretty good deal.  We will continue ordering food from them until we start traveling again. 

The perfect highlight of the day was Wine Wednesday at our favorite bistro, Loretto’s.  We joined neighbors for wine and appetizers.  It was beautiful out on the patio (except for the dead-looking plants.)

DINNER:  We may be hitting the road for the start of our spring/summer/fall road trip soon, so I need to use up food in the freezer, especially now that we have some of the Imperfect Foods in there.   So, I thawed the leftover bouillabaisse and added a chicken thigh.   Served it with a salad, from the Imperfect Foods shipment.  So far, so good.

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