Summer camp?

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Beautiful.  Summer-like.  Sunny with 80 high

STEPS:  12,159
CLASSES:  1 chair yoga, 2 line dancing and 2 water aerobics

My friend jokingly calls Tuesdays “summer camp” as it seems we go from one planned activity to another.  It was a busy morning with chair yoga, line-dancing, and water aerobics all back-to-back.

Then, in the afternoon, I stopped by for coffee with another friend to plan a 5-night road trip to the Fredricksburg, Texas area.  This area of Texas is called the Hill Country and also the Texas Wine Trail.  We will stay in 5 different Harvest Host sites  – wineries, a Texas-style saloon, and a dance hall.  Should be fun! 

Here are our seemingly-dead bushes in the front yard….

And, our sad-looking oleander in the back….

We have been instructed to leave the shrubs as they are until our lawn service does a major trimming in April.  This will give the plants time to revive…..if they make it at all.

Thank goodness our vegetable truck came this afternoon, as I am very low on vegetables.  The Mexican farmer drives around the neighborhood tooting his horn, to let us know he has arrived.  Cute!  Then, we all walk (or drive golf carts) up to the clubhouse to see what goodies he has.  I bought a poblano pepper, zucchini, and grapefruit.  A lot of people were buying his vanilla to take back to friends up North.  It is really cheap here (Mexico).

We celebrated the warm weather with my world-famous margaritas out on the driveway.  Then, inside to fix dinner.

DINNER:  I hit this one out of the ball-park.  Really, really good.  I made a risotto with mushrooms, red onion, and some of the poblano.  Meanwhile, I sauteed zucchini and onions as a side dish.  The main course were Bay scallops sauteed in butter and garlic.  Yum, yum!

We were out of white wine to pair with the scallops, so we opened up a bottle of dry sparkling wine.  It goes so well with seafood.  When we were in New Zealand, we gained an appreciation of drinking sparkling wine with dinner, rather than limiting it to New Year’s Eve.  There, it is common in a wine bar to be asked by the waiter….”red, white, or sparkling?”  And, you can get good sparkling wine for about the same price as a still wine.  Here is George, popping the cork…..

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