Slow, sunny Sunday

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Winter is over!  Sunny.  High 78

We enjoyed our traditional Sunday morning routine – grits and eggs while watching CBS Sunday Morning. 

My other tradition on Sundays is to be a real slouch.  I didn’t take a walk, and it was too windy for pickleball.  I spent a lot of time reading while munching on popcorn.  I also worked some more on summer camping.  I am not going to make any more reservations/plans until we know about Canada and Europe.  We just learned that Canada extended its border closure through the end of March, so that is not a good sign. 

While I was doing that, George and some friends went to our local brewery.  They enjoyed beers and  some live music on the brewery’s outdoor patio.

I am seriously getting ready for summer camping…..Throughout the year, we save toilet paper rolls and dryer lint.  I make firestarters for campfires by stuffing the lint into the rolls, then adding a dab of Vaseline.  We have been saving a BUNCH of toilet paper rolls, so I made the firestarters this afternoon. We have a summer’s worth now.  So –  Let’s go camping! 

George tried to get the grill going for dinner, but the wind was so strong that the fire kept going out.  A few hours later, our appetizers – stuffed jalapenos wrapped with bacon – were ready…

DINNER:  Grilled flank steak.  George did it perfectly, even with the challenges.  Side was a lentil dish that I found online to use up some of the mint I had from a previous recipe.  It was very tasty – and vegan (Alexis).  Sort of like a tabloulleh. 

BOOK:  “I’ll Keep You Safe” by Peter May.  Our Nova Scotia friends recommended this author.  I am hooked.  This is a bit of a mystery/love story, but the greatest part is the description of the scenery.  This one takes place on a small Island off Scotland. 

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