We got our 1st Covid shots. Yay! But what an ordeal!!!!

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Yuck!  Cold, wind and rain.  High 50

STEPS:  6206

I started off on my morning walk, not realizing how awful the weather was, so I wasn’t dressed appropriately.  I turned around about halfway as it was raining and quite cold. 

George received an email from University of Texas Hospital of the Rio Grande Valley (UTHRGV) notifying him that he could get the Covid vaccine later today.  He quickly signed up.  In early January, he had registered on their website and received a confirmation code.  I registered the next day, but did not receive any confirmation.  Later that same day, they closed down their website for registrations.  So, I didn’t know whether I was in their system or not. Of course, it was not possible to contact anyone.   Our plan was that I would tag along with him today just to see if they would give me my vaccine, too.

BUT – Hooray!  Later in the morning, I received an email, too.  So, off we went to Edinburg, about 45 minutes away for our appointments. 

George describes the experience as a “shitshow”.  I have to agree……

There was no signage for parking so we drove around the UT campus looking for the building with a sign (or a line of old people).  Not a good omen.  Finally, we found the right building and a parking space a long way from a sign that we could barely see.

First, we stood in the cold and rain for about 15 minutes, until some other people told us that we had to stand in another line first to register and to get a pink paper.  So, we found that line and filled out some papers, including the forementioned pink paper.  After another 30 minutes or so (thankfully this was inside), we were ushered in to a room filled with computers.  We did a Zoom call with a clerk who registered us as UTHRGV patients.  The room was noisy and it was hard to hear.  Most of the info she asked was already on the forms we had filled out. 

After that, we took our magical pink paper (what you needed to get the shot) to the Vaccine line.  We had to stand in the cold (in the 40sF) and rain for about an hour.  We were absolutely miserable.  Not realizing that we would have to stand outside, we hadn’t dressed warmly enough.  Our fingers were frozen and all curled up by the time we were allowed to enter the building. We were cold and wet, and so was the pink paper!  I hated watching the people in wheelchairs, as there was no signage for ramps or special entrances for wheelchairs. 

Then, another half-hour wait, this time indoors, thank goodness.  Another clerk entered all of our information into a computer (the same info we had previously provided on paper and also in the Zoom interview).  Another 15 minute wait, and we went to another clerk with another computer.  Again, the magical pink paper.  She entered some more information (the same again) and took our temperatures.  Since we were so cold, the temps were lower than usual.  I don’t  understand why we couldn’t have done all this registration online or on a telephone call from home.  It was so unorganized.  Then…..FINALLY, to the medical student who gave us our shots.  From there, we had to wait in a waiting room 15 minutes to make sure we didn’t have any reaction. 

We ran to our car to get warm, and returned home to a welcoming wee dram of Scotch!!!!

In any case, we are just thrilled that we got the shot.  Hopefully, this will help us with our spring/summer/fall travel plans.  We will just have to wait and see!

DINNER:  Rotisserie chicken, hash browns, and cheesy broccoli.  

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