“Cold” spell in the Rio Grande Valley

LOCATION:   In our tiny house in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Brrrr!  Cloudy, windy.  High 49. Low in the 30s

STEPS:  10,780
CLASSES:  Chair yoga.  Too cold to swim!

Everyone is talking about the cold spell we are experiencing.  It really is kind of funny, as it is not that cold compared to elsewhere in the country.  We did bring in our tomato plants, basil, and pot of pansies.

I bundled up and took my daily hike….

I had errands to run in the afternoon – to Office Depot to print out my final Spanish lessons and to the supermarket.  It always takes much longer than I anticipate.

The big news today was Trump’s visit to our area so that he could view the wall.  People were afraid that there might be riots, but it was peaceful.  He came to the town adjacent to us – about 5 miles away.  I noticed increased Border Patrol presence, but not much else was different.

While I was out, George played chess again at our friend’s house.  He is improving and likes to play. 

DINNER:  Smoked trout chowder.  Since it seemed like a soup kind of day, I used some of the smoked trout, potatoes, and vegetables to make a warming chowder.  It turned out mighty tasty and felt warm in the tummy!

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