Smokin’ !!

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Windy and cool.  High 60

STEPS:  13,426
CLASSES:  2 Line Dancing

We are keeping our line dancing class attendance low – about 4 people, so that we can social distance.  The teacher is a wonder…..She fell last spring while teaching us, breaking her hip and severely breaking her elbow.  It was so hard to watch her fall on the hard ceramic tile with cement underneath.  She is teaching us while standing next to a counter, so as not to fall over, and using videos.  We have forgotten many of the dances, but they are coming back to us.

George spent the day smoking some of the trout that he caught yesterday….

He couldn’t get the fire hot enough, though, so they didn’t cook as thoroughly as I would have liked.

This Facebook memory popped up from last year.  After our safari trip in Botswana and South Africa, we flew home via Dubai – to see the city and to break up the long flight a little.  It is an amazing, super-wealthy place . I don’t think I would want to return, but we are glad we experienced it.

The guy that he went fishing with invited us over for dinner to cook some of the fish they had caught yesterday.   We had a nice converation and enjoyed some of the smoked trout, followed by grilled sheepshead.  I took over some vegetables that George had grilled – squash and bell peppers.  I added onions, tomatoes, and garlic, and made sort of a  baked Italian vegetable dish.  I baked it with cheese and breadcrumbs on top.  All very nice!

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