A kimchi adventure

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Beautiful.  Sunny.  High 78

STEPS:  A paltry 4089.  Being Sunday, I didn’t do my morning hike.

We enjoyed leftover  Christmas morning eggbake along with George’s grits while we watched “CBS Sunday Morning”, our Sunday morning ritual.

I went up to the clubhouse to do some internet work, and to wait while the laundry washed and dried.    While I was there, two couples were busy in the kitchen making sausage.  One guy had just returned from Michigan where he had shot a deer, so some of their sausage was venison.  The smells eminating from the kitchen were wonderful.  The kitchen is supplied with big mixers, the sausage stuffer, and other nice kitchen tools.  Some people (with small RV or coach house kitchens) come up to the clubhouse to use the large ovens to bake.  It is a nice amenity.

George continued with his caulking. He says there are a lot of places that need it.

I had to go to Office Depot in the PM to print my Spanish lessons.  Thankfully today was quiet and the machine did not jam or anything.  Yay!

On to the grocery store to stock up.  George is making kimchi, so I bought a lot of vegetables, including this bok choy.

It is quite a production. The  kimchi should be ready in about one week.

DINNER:   An Asian fiesta….. Leftover gyoza filling (from the sausage/veg filling I made for the wontons on Christmas Eve).  I served it over rice.  Side was a stir-fry with the extra bok-choy, mushroooms, and onions.  All very tasty!  I paired the meal with some hot sake. 

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