Here come the Winter Texans!

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Nippy in AM; warming to 65 in the PM

STEPS:  9160.  I have a pedometer on my phone.  The steps  seem to register differently, depending on which pocket I have it in.  The same walk can vary by 1000 steps.  I like to think that today’s walk was really 10K+   🙂

CLASSES:  None offered.  Too cold to swim

Today is moving day for a lot of people.  Many Winter Texans who spent Christmas up North are arriving daily here to spend the next 3-5 months.  Our neighbor (the owner of the coach house who asked us if we are “damn Democrats”) left and his renters, a really fun, nice couple from Illinois arrived.  We got to know them last year.  It will be fun to do things with them after their quarantine.

The coach house behind us is being used as a “stay and play”.  Prospective Retama Village home buyers can stay there 3-4 nights while they experience the village and do the sales tours.  One motor home left this morning  and another one arrived in its place this afternoon. Business must be good.

Quite a few Retama Village residents are now signed up to get their Covid 19 vaccines.  We are hoping to get ours in January so we can travel more freely and safely in February-March.  We hope to do some short camping trips around Texas and along the Gulf Coast toward Florida’s Panhandle.  This is instead of our trip to Hawaii. 

This Facebook memory photo popped up from two years ago when we celebrated New Year’s Eve Texas cowboy style.  It was a fun night – Texans doing the Texas Two-Step and all the guys wearing their cowboy hats.

I spent several hours in the clubhouse using their wifi – mostly to prepare for the next few Spanish classes. 

DINNER:  We ordered a pizza and picked it up from a local pizza place we have never tried.  We had been hankering after pizzas; it has probably been 9 months or so since we had a pizzaria pizza.  This was a bit disappointing.  I think I can do better using flat breads or naan. 

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