Happy New Year!

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Quite nippy in the AM; warming to only 55 in the PM.  No wind

STEPS:  9885
CLASSES:  None offered, and too cold to swim!

I always look forward to my morning walk as I usually observe something interesting.  Today I donned 3 jackets, my ski hat, and gloves as it was in the 30s.  Since there was no wind, it was quite tolerable.  My first observation was a big motorhome sitting in the parking lot of the state park across the street from us. I am guessing that the Winter Texans arrived late last night, too late to check into the next door RV park.  The second observation was the ever-attentive dog awaiting his master.  The master must have had a late night on New Year’s Eve, as he was running late.  The dog was quite anxious and trotted farther along the road in the direction from which the master arrives.  I watched him inch farther and farther until he plopped himself in the middle of the road.  He looked quite forlorn.  I just hope the master gets here soon.

The third observation was the big white school bus that the Border Patrol uses when they capture a big group of undocumented people.  No other action other than the parked bus.

Our friends (the couple with whom we had planned to go Hawaii) stopped by with some black-eye peas and grits….to eat for good luck in the New Year.  One lady in the neighborhood made a huge amount for anyone who wanted to stop by.  So kind!  They also brought over the bottle of champagne we did not get to on New Year’s Eve, so we enjoyed the champagne and conversation.  We are discussing Plan B – what we will do instead of going to Hawaii. 

We had a Zoom chat with our daughter in Minnesota.  We were heartened to learn that she has her Covid-19 vaccines now scheduled.  Since she works in a hospital ER, she is one of the first to get them.  As an old guy, George might be able to get his soon.  I am in a lower tier, due to my young age….haha

While I am working my way through the Jacques Pepin cookbook “Fast Food My Way”, George has decided to tackle the TV BBQ show host Steve Raichlen’s book “How to Grill”. 

He is especially interested in the vegetable section, to prepare some meals for our vegan daughter’s upcoming visit.  Tonight he tried out an grilled eggplant dip.  He even used his new meat thermometer.

We thought that the dip was just so-so, even though it was quite a bit of work.

DINNER:  I really wanted to make the traditional New Year’s dish Hoppin’John (with black-eyed peas),  for good luck, but since I didn’t have any peas, I just made Mexican charro beans.  Hopefully that will work equally well in the good luck department.  They are pinto beans cooked with sauteed onion, garlic, and jalapeno.  I added a good bit of chili pepper and cumin.  Side was Mexican rice. 

BOOK:  “Chilbury’s Ladies Choir” by Jennifer Ryan.  This was a sweet book that takes place at the beginning of WWII in a small English village.  Since most of the village’s men are at war, the town is comprised mostly of girls and women.  It tells of the characters’ lives  there through their  diaries and letters.  5 stars out of 5. 

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