Ringing in the New Year…..sort of

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Quite unpleasant.  Rain, cold, and wind. High 55.

We received  much-needed rain overnight and in the early morning.  I guess I am a fair-weather hiker as I skipped today as it was pretty miserable out.  No yoga class either.   And, too cold to swim. 

With a lack of activities, we went on a shopping run.  It was not too successful.  First we went to Academy Sports to buy some webbed gloves for me for water aerobics.They didn’t have them because:  “it is winter”.  Ha!  We did buy two fold-up chairs to take with us camping.  I stopped in a couple of shops to buy some towels with “Joy” written on them (to go in our Airstream named Joy).  I was hoping to get some post-Christmas sales items, but I guess I waited too long.  There was nothing available.   FInally, we stopped at a cute-looking Argentine bistro for a glass of wine and an empanada, but they were closed.  We passed by the supermarket and saw a long line of customers waiting to enter.  We just kept on driving!

My dedicated students all joined me for a Spanish class in the clubhouse in the afternoon. 

Then, we prepared for a small New Year’s Eve get-together with two other couples.   We put on our finest….

I had some leftover wonton wrappers that I had made for Christmas dinner, so I made some more, this time with a cream cheese filling.  I just made up the recipe, and they turned out yummy:

Cream cheese
Diced green onion
Garlic cloves
Bacon bits
Wonton wrappers
Egg white

I sauteed the garlic and the bigger pieces of green onion.  I mixed that with the softened  cream cheese, the rest of the green onion, salt, pepper and bacon bits.  I put a teaspoon of the filling in the center of each wonton, dabbed a bit of egg white around the edge, folded it over to make a crescent, spritzed with vegetable oil spray,  and baked for 8 minutes on a wire rack over a cookie sheet at 380.  Now that I have discovered how to make these by baking (rather than fattening, messy frying), I am going to start improvising.  They make a great party snack.

We had a wonderful time, but since we are old farts, we left at about 9:30.  In bed by 10:00! 

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