Sushi time!

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Chilly but sunny.   High 69

STEPS:  8717
CLASSES:  Chair yoga and 2 water aerobics

I overslept this morning, so had to curtail my long morning hike, as I had to rush back for yoga class.  Such a tight schedule!

George is busy with several projects.  He is finishing up the wine rack (painting it) and is building a structure to store our wood for the firepit.

While he was painting the wine rack, he decided to touch up little dings in our cupboards.  Everything was wide open all day!

Santa delivered two more gifts for me today.  (George has been busy with online shopping!)  I think I know what is in the bottom box!  🙂

I wasn’t going to do water aerobics, as the temperature is “iffy”.  But, I decided to go for it.  It really was a bit cool.  Another Rochester, MN friend and I were the only brave ones today.

Our vegetable vendor came again this afternoon.  I bought some local grapefruit, beans (that he said he grew himself), green onions, and HUGE radishes.  When we have bought local (non-commercial) citrus in the past, we have always been bothered with fruit flies.  George found a tip on the internet that seems to work – we put used wine corks in the fruit bowl.  Apparently they don’t like the smell, as it seems to work.  Of course, I have to do my part by drinking wine! 

We went out to dinner at the only decent Japanese restaurant in the valley.  We went with some friends.  They shared two delicious-looking rolls….

And some eel sushi…

George and I shared some shumai (dumplings) and a sushi/sashimi platter.  All very tasty.

The table next to us ordered a beautiful array of sushi and sashimi…

A very pleasant night!

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