Mucho español

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Still cool, warming to 69 in the PM

STEPS:  11,031
CLASSES:  Chair yoga (water aerobics canceled due to temp)

I had a great walk this morning.  Earlier in the year, I set the alarm clock so that I would get up early to walk before it heated up.  Now with cooler weather, I can sleep in a bit.  I  wake up around 7:00 and immediately start the walk.  It is usually around 40 degrees, perfect for a brisk walk.  I much prefer this over the hot, humid temps for any kind of exercise.  There was a school bus, painted white and now belonging to Border Patrol, that was parked on the road I follow.  I guess they were waiting for a big round-up of undocumented folks.  My faithful dog was sitting at alert waiting for his farmer owner.  Every day he is in the exact same spot, with the same expression on his face. 

Later in the day, I went to our friend’s house to help them sign up for, the website we use for housesitting.  They are looking for a housesitter to take care of their cute dog and lovely home in January.  If you are interested, let me know!  It would be a great opportunity – enjoying warm south Texas weather, the amenities here in our community, and a chance to get a little Tex Mex culture. 

While I was there, my friend’s husband was studiously preparing for this afternoon’s Spanish class.

Another Facebook memory popped up today….A year ago, we were on a safari in Botswana.  It was one of the most memorable trips we have made.  George took this fantastic photo of these lions. 

We went to the clubhouse at 4:00 for Spanish class.  None of my students were there!  I thought they had bailed, but they were just running late.

The highlight of the day was a telephone chat with our daughter. She gave me some helpful hints on my Spanish teaching methods. Her Spanish is better than mine, having lived in Costa Rica for awhile, and practicing Spanish and Italian diligently on Duo Lingo app.

A friend took this photo of tonight’s sunset in Retama Village.  The sunsets here are often spectacular.

DINNER:  My last departure from Jacques Pepin for awhile.  Potato, ham, and vegetable chowder.  I used a can to start, then added diced leftover ham, and a lot of veggies.  George loved it;  I thought it was just so-so.  It will be back to loverboy Jacques tomorrow!

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