Staying healthy

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Overcast.  High 65.

STEPS:  9976 (just missed my target!)
CLASS:  None.  Too cold to swim

I had my annual physical today – mostly just to review blood test results.  Most of my numbers have improved since last year, and I attribute that to more exercise and (fairly) clean living!  Having good health is such a blessing!

Facebook sent me one of those “Memory” things, reminding me that this time last year we were in Botswana on a safari.  That was one of the coolest trips we have taken.  Alas, this year’s travel is so much different.  A friend posted this on Facebook…..if we cannot go to Europe this winter, we can go to towns in Texas and pretend we are there!

I taught another Spanish class.  I try to make it fun, but there is still some hard work – memorizing, figuring out verbs, etc.   We have class twice a week. 

DINNER:  I skipped Jacques Pepin tonight in order to use up some leftovers.  I made fried rice with:  leftover rice, frozen Asian vegetables, peas, green peppers, chicken pieces, egg, ginger, green onion, regular onion, and garlic.  At the end, I threw in some kelp that our daughter had given us from a sea-agriculture farm in Ireland.  Topped it with some furikawi, a seaweed/sesame seed mix from the same Irish company.  Tasty!  We paired it with Japanese sake.

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