Clase de espanol

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Cold and windy in the AM.  (50).  High 65

CLASS:  Chair yoga.  Too cold for water aerobics
STEPS:  7994.  I wimped out while on my morning hike, taking a shortcut home due to the fierce wind

George spent the day replacing the tires on Joy, our Airstream.  He thought he would do a better job that a tire shop/RV repair shop.  So, he made 2 trips to Discount Tire, taking in 2 old  tires at a time, buying 2 new ones, then repeating the process.  He had an elaborate board system to keep the tires elevated while swapping them out.

While he was doing that, I did some cooking.  I realized I have some cilantro that needs to be used up, so I googled a lime/cilantro salad recipe and prepared that.  It called for ingredients I had on hand – fresh limes, black beans, quinoa, corn, spices, and red onion.  It really turned out well.

The highlight of the afternoon was Spanish class.  I have 9 pupils plus a couple who are away for several weeks.  I enjoy creating the curriculum and teaching.  I had to reprimand husband Jorge as he started chatting and not paying attention!   🙂 

DINNER:  Jacques Pepin alert!!!  One of my loyal blog readers (my brother) inquired about the 180 degree temp that Jacques references.  Yes, it is 180 F (not C).  He tells us to pre-heat the oven to 180 in  order to use it as a warming oven – to keep the plates and  food warm until ready to plate.  It is NOT for cooking.  Nice to have readers with inquiring minds!

We did have a Jacques main course.  It was leftover ham/veg gratin that I made a few weeks ago.  Even though I cut his recipes in half (2 servings not 4), we often still end up with leftovers. 

Side was the tasty quinoa/cilantro/lime salad I made earlier today.

BOOK:  “The Summer that Never Was” by Peter Robinson.  This is another book in the detective series I have been reading for about a year off and on.  I like it because it takes place in North Yorkshire, England very close to the town where we had a housesitting assignment.  4 stars out of 5

One thought on “Clase de espanol

  1. Keith

    Your loyal reader still has a question. In your Chicken with Balsamic recipe it says you place in oven at 180 and continue COOKING at 180 for 10 to 30 minutes. So are you cooking or warming/ holding for that time?


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