A smokin’ turkey day!

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Warm and sunny.  High 82

Today was all about eating.  None of that pesky exercise!!!  🙂

George got the smoker grill going early in the morning.  It will take all day to smoke the 11-pound turkey.  He got the smoker going with some mesquite coals and mesquite/apple smoking chips. 

I made a sauce for basting the turkey – using the herbs we had rubbed the turkey with plus some Worcestershire sauce, mustard, and melted butter. 

He “mopped” the turkey all day long.  It got smaller and browner as the day went on.

While he had the smoker going, he smoked the trout and redfish that he had caught a few days ago in the Gulf.  I will use the smoked fish for future recipes…..stay tuned.

George checked the Retama Village Classifieds Facebook page and saw a small beer refrigerator that a neighbor was giving away.  We struck while the iron was hot!  We put it in our bar area which handily has an electricity outlet.  He moved all his beer there from our regular refrigerator, and suddenly I have a lot more room! 

We skipped lunch but munched on pate and crackers and some Cape Codders – cranberry juice and vodka. 

Towards the end of the smoking, we put the sweet potatoes on the grill and some stuffed jalapeno peppers.  The peppers were stuffed with cream cheese and bacon bits, then wrapped with smoked bacon.  We had them as appetizers.  Wow!

We ate our meal around 5:00.  The final menu was:

Cranberry sauce with Grand Marnier
Sweet potatoes
Brussels sprouts with bacon and parmesan (recipe below – I added the parmesan)
Paired with a Pinot Noir

We are not big sweet eaters, so we didn’t have any dessert.  We didn’t need it! 

We certainly have a lot to be thankful for today and all days. 

Now….what to do with all those leftovers!!!

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